Our Partners

Chennai, India

Broadgate has its offshore development and support base in Chennai, India.

India Pistons Limited, a part of the $2 Billion Amalgamations group, is led by our Director Gautam Venkataramani. The IT team based out of IPL is managed directly by our Group IT Head, Siddharth Rao and comprises of a team with vast technical and process experience covering ERP / PMS, Facility Management,Managed IT Support and Enterprise Application Development for the web, desktop and mobile. Comprising of over 50 companies across multiple business verticals, the group also offers a test bed for Broadgate to deploy and test industry vertical solutions and products in a real-world scenario.

Chennai, India

A secondary dedicated offshore team is based out of Paripoorna. With over two decades of core IT experience, Paripoorna is a specialist in cloud services, Enterprise Application Development and Mobile Applications. Besides providing Broadgate with a pool of highly skilled resources, Broadgate also works with Paripoorna to jointly market and deliver products and solutions to their client base globally. Paripoorna is a Microsoft Partner and a part of the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance, besides working closely with Amazon and Google on their cloud platforms.

United Kingdom

nTrust specializes in a range of technologies, providing a range of services for effective communication, collaboration and data sharing. These include computer hardware and software, servers and networks, business class e-mail, phone and broadband. We have experience with state of the art products and our expertise lies in applying technical knowledge to individual businesses, always finding the best IT solution for a specific company. When making recommendations the nTrust team take into account business requirements, number of employees and any plans for growth. nTrust works closely with Broadgate in delivering infrastructure services for its UK clients.

Perth, Australia

Based out of Perth, Australia, Mimic Studios aims to solve complex business problems through the application of Mixed Reality (VR & AR) solutions. With its roots in 3D rendering and animation for the real estate and construction industry, Mimic has provided interactive 3D applications including 3D Walkthroughs, 360 VR previews for real estate projects and 3D Animated eLearning Applications delivered through the iPad. Extending on this capability, Mimic is now focused on bringing in cutting edge consumer wearable technology to the enterprise and education sectors. Broadgate has been working with Mimic for over 8 years in jointly developing and delivering solutions to the Australian market.


Based out of Dubai, IXFocus is a creative solution provider, focused on delivering experiential design and highly interactive experiences for the Middle East and North African market. Consisting of IXFocus Studios and IXFocus Technologies, IXFocus delivers solutions in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 3D Rendering and animations services through its studio arm, and interactive experience solutions such as Self-Service Kiosks, Interactive Wayfinding, Digital Signage, Digital Building Directories, Mobile Application Development and Enterprise Applications through its technology division. Broadgate works with IXFocus to provide offshore development services when required to deliver projects with a quick turn-around time at a low cost.

Technology Partners